Freight Sled: A New Development

Sometime after the toboggan or "flat sled" arrived on the scene, experimentation began with runner sleds. The need had arisen for a more rigid sled that could support a heavy load on narrow runners for travel across packed trails, windblown lakes or riverbeds. In areas with a snow base, the decreased surface area of the runners allowed the sled to glide more quickly and easily, and the raised cargo bed proved advantageous. The runner sled (or freight sled) has also evolved in the Canadian North and today is often used behind snowmobiles by commercial fishermen on northern lakes. Like the dog toboggan, the freight sled has been widely used and tested, and the design has evolved to provide the most functional sled possible. Today the many of our freight sleds are used for hauling firewood, construction material, grandkids, oil drums, hunting dogs, camp gear, and more! We are always surprised with the creativity of our customers and how they find countless ways to haul large loads so effortlessly with our sleds, and that is why we are in this business!


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