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1800s Toboggan - Jenny copy for shogun


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1800s Toboggan - Jenny copy for shogun


We've recreated what replicates the original downhill toboggan of the 1800s. Tradition and History matter to Team NTCo. Sustainably handcrafted in Northern Minnesota, USA. 




IT IS AWESOME ! We will be using it this weekend. It will be the family heirloom that will be passed down.” Bruce Calder, Bishop CA

The Perfect Piece of Family History.

It’s quite simple – we turned back time in the workshop and handcrafted the toboggan of the 1880s. From the authentic half-circle design to the knots of the Manila rope and classic linseed oil finish, this is the downhill toboggan legends are made of. Heirloom quality construction for the purist to the modern family.


  • Length of Flat = 75 inches
  • Width 15.5 inches  
  • Height 15.5
  • Weight approximately 26 Lbs

The History

The evolution of toboggans originally came from the very practical native American techniques for transporting their camp and snow gear over long distances. In the 1800s in Montreal, things changed. A group of British soldiers started using their old supply toboggans to go down Mount Royal and in no time, the downhill sled toboggan was born.


Downhill toboggans emerged in the early 1800's. These toboggans shared many of the same attributes of freighting toboggans, but are marked by a half-circle curl and often different material, largely ash or maple.

What's changed...

We have reproduced the toboggan of the 1800s to rekindle the simple joys of winter and the holidays - an authentic, classic toboggan offering an authentic design from the 1800s with historically matched materials and a classic linseed oil finish. The materials in the new design are historically accurate and this is the first time we have produced a toboggan of this kind.


Our Wood Philosophy

  • White Ash is sourced responsibly and purchased from mills.
  • Over the decades we have developed partners who invest the time intensive process to hand select “toboggan grade” boards which are above furniture grade. This ensures longevity, bending and beauty.
  • Why Ash? Our research revealed that original downhill toboggans were largely made of Ash or Mable. Plus, it is a durable hardwood, bends easily, and offers more vivid grain patterns and definition.


History Matters

  • To build the 1800s toboggan, we had to do a little bit of homework.
  • Studying antique snow sleds and looking at the design of vintage toboggans, we were able to copy slight differences.
  • Replicating the angles on the sled and the more rapid half-circle, the 1800s toboggan has a classic toboggan profile.
  • The result is one of the best sleds for adults and kids. A timeless piece of snow sports equipment that might last another two hundred years.

Our traditional steam bending applied:

  • Steam bent - no chemicals, no mass production.
  • Every board is bent by hand. Each piece of wood is different. It is important for the craftsmen to feel the grains of the wood as they relax and take shape into our drying jigs. Made with love and longevity in mind



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