The Box Freight is probably our most popular of the two standard freight sleds, especially with our ice-fisherman friends. The elevated sled platform and flexible skies allow the freight sled to twist as it hauls, following closely behind your snowmobile through rough terrain. With the Box-Freight model, a storage bin comes mounted to the top of our basic Snowmobile Freight Sled allowing for greater convenience when loading, unloading and storing equipment. Sometimes out on the lake, the sun will begin setting and the cold will snap -- temperatures dropping several degrees in a matter of minutes. With the Box Freight you can throw your traps or your fishing equipment into the box and have your sled outfitted for travel in a matter of minutes, knowing that our smooth freight action will protect any delicate mechanical parts from being damaged.


In addition to its convenience, the box frame also provides a sturdy three dimensional platform for attaching smaller fish houses. For larger fish-houses and larger fishing parties, we offer the Box Freight in custom sizes.

All of the Box-Freight sizes come outfitted with a curved oak driving bow -- a design put together by our craftsman especially for this model. The driving bow offers the Box Freight a firm handle for standing passengers. It allows the back of the sled to be used as a stable riding platform, much like our more traditional toboggan designs. With heavier loads, a load-supervisor on the back of your sled can be an important hedge against disaster by allowing for greater balance and last minute re-adjustments. The result is simple but effective: an outside-the-box take on the traditional toboggan sled that continues to leverage simple and effective technology.