Our craftsman’s mentor originally developed his freight sled concept around the middle of the twentieth century in direct response to Manitoba’s rising commercial fish market. Small families with fishing permits needed the ability to operate at a commercial capacity with less than commercial resources -- they needed to be able to haul thousands of pounds of fishing supplies and raw materials even while traveling beyond the borders of conventional infrastructure. Other snowmobile-sleds molded from aluminum or plastic, while in-expensive, proved inadequate while facing constant use and harsh conditions. After one or two seasons, snow-sleds built from anything but the hardiest material would become dented on the rough terrain and warped by the twisting trails. Our Freight Sled line offered an alternative: the firm wood deck rests on an elevated platform, with two thick oak runners bolted to either side of the bottom, connected by steel brackets.

In hindsight, it seems like a simple enough modification, but the results were almost revolutionary: the elevated bed allows our sled to twist and turn easily as it pulls, even while subject to immense stress.  This design enhances fisherman’s pulling capacity, while the quality craftsmanship and choice materials ensure continued use. Over the trail’s bumps and bends, from interior lakes to snow-covered highways and backwoods cabins -- this cargo sled performs beyond even our own original expectations.

As time has weathered on, fewer of our friends and customers have the same need for our Freight Sled. That is, their livelihood and future prosperity isn’t entirely dependent on its help. However, demand for the Freight Sled has not slowed down. This snow sled, built on a foundation of innovation, continues to find new uses with every owner.  We love hearing stories from our customers about the endless applications of this unique ‘boggin sled.  Some find the Freight Sled makes hauling ice fishing houses and equipment more convenient. Others need a way to move lumber and gas while they construct winter homesteads. Many purchase the Freight Sled simply to enjoy a winter sleigh ride with a full load of grand kids.

With our Freight Sled line, we have continued expanding the rich tradition of Northern Toboggan Co -- helping evolve traditional designs, while still maintaining the core simplicity and utility on which our products have always been founded.