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Wooden Pull Sled - Jenny Copy for Shogun


Northern Toboggan Co

Wooden Pull Sled - Jenny Copy for Shogun


Traditional Wooden Pull Sled. Sustainably handcrafted in Northern Minnesota, USA.



“The kids received their sled today for Christmas. I cannot believe how happy they were to have such a nicely built sled! Thank you!"

Amber J.

The child’s Pull Sled is one of our most iconic products.

There’s something heart-warming about it . . . a baby enjoying their first rides through the snow or a toddler proudly pulling a sled on their own. The hand crafted Wooden Pull Sled is the winter equivalent of a red-wagon. At only 10 pounds, it moves easily across the ground. This timeless piece is great for taking family winter walks and for introducing your smallest family members to the joys of sledding. The bunting is fleece-lined, vinyl-coated polyester. Made by a local Minnesota sewing shop.

Built for pulling and can be used for light downhill sledding on small hills

  • From our family to yours. This is the heirloom that grows with your little one, from hand-pulled rides to their own first solo sled. The handcrafted Wooden Pull Sled is as cherished as your red wagon on snow. At only 10 pounds, it’s easy to transport and glides like a dream. From winter walks to the thrill of the ride, this is the one that starts a lifelong love of sledding.



  • Overall Length is 36"
  • Width is 16.5"
  • Height is 11"
  • Total Weight is 10 lbs

Keep your littles warm on those heavenly brisk winter walks

  • Red and Blue Bunting available.
  • Hand sewn in Minnesota
  • Plenty of room to wrap your little adventurer with additional blankets for insulation

Crafted Responsibly and for a Lifetime

Our Wood Philosophy

  • Red Oak is sourced responsibly and purchased from mills.
  • Over the decades we have developed partners who invest the time intensive process to hand select “toboggan grade” boards which are above furniture grade. This ensures longevity, bending and beauty.
  • Why Red Oak? Because of their durability, beauty and natural bending qualities.


Roping Matters

  • The pull rope is a soft but strong double braided nylon. Form meets function.
  • Included with your heirloom pull sled

Details Matter

  • Stainless steel hardware to minimize long term corrosion
  • Natural Finish - Linseed oil used for its beauty, wood preservativative, and historical legacy of outdoor wood finish.

CENTURY OLD TRADITION - Made with love and longevity in mind

Our traditional steam bending applied:

  • Steam bent - no chemicals, no mass production.
  • Every ski Bent by hand. Each piece of wood is different. It is important for the craftsmen to feel the grains of the wood as they relax and take shape into our drying jigs. Made with love and longevity in mind

Made to last generations. Our Customers are in it for the Long Haul.


Free Shipping to Lower 48 - Custom Shipping quotes for Canada and Alaska. Over the past decades we’ve worked really hard to get the best and most affordable shipping for our customers. Shipping large things is hard in the 21st century.

"Thanks, Northern Toboggan Company! Vienna (Lovie) loves her new toboggan bought by her grandparents, Mike and Connie"

Aly N.

25 Dec 2017


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