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The Little Classic Wood Toboggan Sled (4ft) - Jenny copy for shogun


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The Little Classic Wood Toboggan Sled (4ft) - Jenny copy for shogun


Functionally brilliant, our 4-foot toboggan is a great "winter wagon" to pull your little loved ones AND for world-class downhill sledding. Sustainably handcrafted in Northern Minnesota, USA.


Short and sweet, this starter toboggan is ideal for an adult and child, the littlest riders, and the smallest loads. Easy to load and travel with, this is the sled that starts a lifelong love of winter. Perfect for snow days and runs to the woodpile.

Toboggan for Two

  • This toboggan fits up to two children or one adult and child.
  • Perfect for pulling your littles on a winter walk or coasting down your favorite sledding hill.
  • The Little Classic Wood Toboggan makes winter Fun to all! While maintaining the same durability as our other products, the Little Classic’s compact size makes it one of our best sleds for kids. Its lighter weight and shorter length make it much easier to handle when compared to the larger Classic or Family. In short, The Little Classic gives you the complete winter sledding experience in a smaller package.


  • Overall Length (includes curl) is approximately 47 inches
  • Length of Flat is approximately 36 inches
  • Width 15.5 inches  
  • Curl Height 15.5
  • Total weight is approximately 16 lbs

Crafted Responsibly and for a Lifetime

Our Wood Philosophy

  • Red Oak is sourced responsibly and purchased from mills.
  • Over the decades we have developed partners who invest in the time intensive process to hand select “toboggan grade” boards which are above furniture grade. This ensures longevity, bending and beauty.
  • Why Red Oak? Because of their durability, beauty and natural bending qualities. It was also the preference of the Sled Makers mentor.

Roping Matters

  • Full roping included with each heirloom Little Classic.
  • The pull rope is a soft but strong double braided nylon. Form meets function.
  • The perimeter tie down rope is a no-stretch polyester that is weather resistant and proven.

Details Matter

  • Natural Finish - Linseed oil used for its beauty, wood preservativatives, and historical legacy of outdoor wood finish.



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