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Ojibwa Wooden Snowshoes




Of all the shapes and styles we make, the Ojibwa Snowshoe is our favorite. Its "nesting shape" along with it's pointed tail and toe encourage easy and efficient walking. Strongly preferred by Canadian and US snowshoes and winter guides, this design is considered by many to be the best fit for beginners as well as for general day trips and for serious winter trekking.

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NTCo's wooden snowshoe line is one of our newest. Processed, steam bent, laced dipped all by hand.

This beautiful design comes down to us from thousands of years of challenge and survival.

Picking Your Snowshoe Size   Roughly match snowshoe size to your body weight plus the weight of any pack.   As a rule, smaller shoes are easier to walk on. If close to a size break, choose larger shoes if you have long legs, wear a hefty pack, regularly break trail or have light, fluffy snow.   Choose smaller shoes for shorter legs, denser snow or packed trails (even if new snow covers the old tracks).

ModelDimensionsAge/WeightSurface Flotation Area
YOUTHAge 6 to About 110#
320 sq. in.
SMALL10" X 36"
Age 8 to about 140#
510 sq. in.
MEDIUM11" x 54"
130# to 240#
645 sq. in.
LARGE12" X 60 "
6' tall and 210' and up
700 sq. in.