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The Little Classic Wood Toboggan Sled (4ft)


Northern Toboggan Co

The Little Classic Wood Toboggan Sled (4ft)


Short and sweet, this starter toboggan is ideal for an adult and child, the littlest riders, and the smallest loads. All the quality of our signature toboggans instill the thrill of the ride for beginners. Easy to load and travel with, this is the sled that starts a lifelong love of winter. Perfect for snow days and runs to the woodpile. 


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The Little Classic Wood Toboggan makes winter Fun to all! While maintaining the same durability as our other products, the Little Classic’s compact size makes it one of our best sleds for kids. Its lighter weight and shorter length make it much easier to  handle  when compared to the larger Classic or Family.  In short, The Little Classic gives you the complete winter sledding experience in a smaller package. 

When shopping children’s sleds for the snow, many people will settle for a flexible flyer sled or other similar cheap plastic models. The Little Classic Toboggan really can’t be compared to these other snow sleds. For starters, a flexible flyer might break down halfway through the sledding season, while  the Little Classic is guaranteed to provide your family with generations of winter fun. Our Craftsman laminates every wooden toboggan crosspiece in order to withstand decades of repeated twisting. The gradual initial curl allows our downhill sled to ride higher, rather than plow into snow drifts and in powdery conditions. We have learned from generations of craftsmen and have continued to perfect a natural bending process that allows us to use thicker boards. Constructing toboggans of red oak also provides a beautiful and durable grain perfect for winter snow sleds.

While this is a great starter toboggan for downhill sledding, it can just as easily double as a pull sled for smaller children when playing in the yard. Much like our Child’s pull sled these toboggans can work almost like a winter version of the little red wagon. 

The smaller size of the Little classic also makes it a popular choice for people living in the city. It’s compact frame won’t take up a garage worth of storage space, and more importantly, it can fit easily into almost any vehicle. That way, no matter how far you have to travel searching for the best downhill sledding, you’ll never be short for space.


  • Red Oak
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Premier roping - white braided Dacron and a braided polyester for the tan tow rope.


  • Overall Length (includes curl) is approximately 47 inches 
  • Length of Flat is approximately 36 inches 
  • Width 15.5 inches   
  • Height 15.5 
  • Total weight is approximately 16 lbs