Highlights from the U.S. National Toboggan Championships

Highlights from the U.S. National Toboggan Championships

There's nothing like a festival or event that brings together thousands of both competitive and fun-loving personalities to a single venue in a remote winter location. Add in some tailgate food and local spirits and you have the makings for a memorable weekend.

For several years, we have supported the U.S. National Toboggan Championships and have even participated with a team of our own. The competition is held annually at the Snow Bowl in Camden, ME in February and seems to commemorate the joys of our youth and fun in the winter.

Father Son toboggan team at camden

Jackson & Henry Harren's Father & Son team!

The competition is centered around a 400 foot long wooden toboggan chute that descends 70 feet in elevation sending sleds onto frozen Hosmer pond. Reaching speeds of 40mph, teams race individually seeking qualifying times and ultimately the fastest time in the finals. If there is clear ice or packed snow, some sleds will coast the entire way across the pond nearly a quarter mile.

There are masters of the ice chute, regulars who compete every year, each with their own secrets to success and don the trophies to prove it. As many as 400 teams participate, coming from nearby towns in New England and as far away as California to experience the atmosphere of competition in the snow or simply to blow off steam and show off their unique team costumes.

Costumed toboggan team
Costumed competitors are a common theme here!


Northern Toboggan Co has worked with dozens of teams over the years, eager to push the limits of physics and often testing theories of wood and ice science. Or simply providing a toboggan that will qualify their team for a fun weekend. 

The race has rules that outline the constraints for design but leaves plenty of opportunities to achieve advantages in speed.  We often supply our race-worthy toboggans that are guaranteed to pass race inspection and give a team the basis for a competitive performance. Interested in our toboggans for your team? Check out our Camden Racer Collection

Win or lose, each team hauls away happy memories with their toboggan.


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