Northern Toboggan Co

Wooden Pull Sled

$331.50 $390.00

Northern Toboggan Co

Wooden Pull Sled

$331.50 $390.00

There’s something heart-warming about it . . . a baby enjoying their first rides through the snow or a toddler proudly pulling a sled on their own. The hand crafted Wooden Pull Sled is the winter equivalent of a red-wagon. At only 10 pounds, it moves easily across the ground. This timeless piece is great for taking family winter walks and for introducing your smallest family members to the joys of sledding. The bunting is fleece-lined, vinyl-coated polyester.  Made by a local Minnesota sewing shop.


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The child’s Pull Sled is one of our most iconic products. Its simple design is made for a toddler or infant to sit, bundled in their snowgear, while they are gently pulled along. Unlike our hand toboggan( link) the pull sled is more geared toward families and casual winter outings. Whether you are taking a stroll with your loved ones, or letting the kids play outside on their own, the Pull Sled is sure to add a welcome dose of winter fun.

If you are anything like our family, you probably enjoy going for walks together in the summertime, spring, and fall. It’s a great opportunity to get fresh air, to let the kids stretch their legs and wave hello to the neighbors.  Here at Northern Toboggan, we believe that the winter shouldn’t be any different. Like any other snow sport, you just need the right gear. Instead of a stroller or a wagon, try using our child's Pull Sled instead.

Like a miniature snow sleigh, this wooden sled is similar in design to the antique snow sleds you might see in a Hallmark christmas card. Our Wooden Pull sled, however, offers some noteworthy updates on this classic design. In addition to our famous quality and attention to detail, the pull sled comes with the optional hand-sewn bunting, to create a cozy nest for your little ones. It’s one of the best sleds for kids just starting out and gaining independence. You might even call it an “infant toboggan.” Although it lacks the classic shape, it still embodies the same spirit of winter fun which lies at the heart of our company mission.


  • Overall Length is 36"
  • Width is 16.5"
  • Height is 11" 
  • Total Weight is 10 lbs


  • Red Oak

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

  • Braided Polyester Rope