Houseboats on Great Slave Lake in Yellowknife. Seems like a life well lived…

Houseboats on Great Slave Lake in Yellowknife. Seems like a life well lived…

Part II: Northwest Territories Adventure - Yellowknife, continued, late July, 2016…

In addition to meeting our partner Polar Tech we explored the city of Yellowknife. We learned that there is significant diversity in the area, largely because it acts as a distribution hub and main intersection for to the northern territories.  And it seems the different cultures coexist well. Many people live traditional lifestyles out on the land and come into the city for gear and provisions. Mining is also a prominent industry in the territories so folks from local diamond mines also rely on Yellowknife for supplies and resources. There is a large tourism industry present, supporting hunters and fisherman, as well as Northern Lights enthusiasts from around the world. For the locals, there is a lot of infrastructure in the city that was somewhat surprising. Grocery stores had variety you'd expect in the states, the transportation systems were well designed, and a variety of restaurants made the city easy to explore for the days we were there.

One afternoon we went down to the water of Great Slave Lake, taking pictures along the way and enjoying a good walk.  The houseboat seen is relatively popular with people living on the water year round. It seems to be an adventurous way of life with tax incentive. 

On our walk we stumbled across this rock painting that celebrates unity. An idea we certainly endorse as a family and business.

At the end of the day, we arrive back to The Explorer Hotel. A very comfortable place to sleep; with Wi-Fi and a desk for collaborating on NTCo's business plan; and they offered a good meal and a drink. As we talked about the day’s adventures we had a lot of clarity and motivation to take on the coming year. It seemed the clarity from travel is a return on our investment of making the trip… Big things ahead for this family business!



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