On the Road to Camden:

On the Road to Camden:

For the second year in a row, we are excited to be one of the official sponsors for the U.S. National Toboggan Championships in Camden, Maine. Few people appreciate an iced out downhill as much as we do, but Camden is a special place. That’s why, in February, we will be heading east to geek out about the latest toboggan designs and join the action with two Northern Toboggan teams competing for this year's title.




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To commemorate Camden’s 30th year hosting the Toboggan Nationals, we are giving away a mess of cool stuff. Register now for the chance to win a Northern Toboggan winter jacket – anybody will be eligible to win! By entering your email above, you will also be entered into the raffle for a build-your-own toboggan kit, and a set of one-of-kind Bear Paw snowshoes. If you want a chance at these two grand prizes, however, you will have to be present at the tournament. So, make sure and stick around for the final race!


We are currently getting ready to finalize our first shipment of Camden Racer Toboggans, and we are excited to see a number featured in this year’s competition! Specifications are roughly 10 feet long by 16 inches wide with a 10-inch curl and three runners built into the sled bottom to maximize speed. Every year, these specifications will change slightly with the November release of USNTC regulations. Unfortunately, it’s too late to order for this year, but we will be taking pre-orders for 2021 as soon as February.


Regardless of whether your sled is a home built, foreign import, or Minnesota made, we wish all of this year’s racers the best of luck. We are grateful to the folks at Camden for once again allowing us to be a part of this storied competition. And, most of all, we are thankful for the fans who show up year after year to celebrate this greatest-of-all winter sports. Cheer hard! Sled fast! And we will see you at the finish line!


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