Thoughts from an Old Toboggan

Thoughts from an Old Toboggan

It’s been said old toboggans don’t die; they just go downhill. I wish I were going downhill right about now. Standing here in the shop collecting dust, I’m feeling kinda lonely. It’s summertime and the shop has been busy with the guys hustling about putting new toboggans together, working on boxes and snowshoes and bringing things in and out. They’ve been busy doing all sorts of things. The sawdust has been flying fast and furious these days.

I remember when I flew fast and furious. Riding the snow like eagles ride the wind. I don’t know which was more delightful, the feel of whipping down the hill with fresh powder pelting my curl or the sound of laughter from the kids riding me. Now those were glorious days. The kinds of days that we toboggans live for. 

The shop team has been talking about a “garage sale” coming up. I’ve been here so long languishing on the wall. Maybe this is my chance for a new beginning? I know it is still warm out and the geese haven’t flown south yet, but soon they will. And then the snow will come and with any luck, I’ll be out riding the hills again.

Who can resist my beautiful lines and my sweet curl? I dare say I look even better than my ancestors who centuries ago worked hard traveling the land with loads of goods and materials. I’m built as strong as those who came before me; there’s no question about it. I’m proud of my heritage and I know I'd make my new owners proud.

There will be a lot going on at the sale. I’ve made friends with some of the other sleds and snowshoes here. I’m going to miss them, but hopefully not for long. When the snow falls and the hills are covered in white, I’m sure I won't be the only one getting pulled along to the highest point in town. Far away from the shop, I’ll stare down those slopes, ready again to feel the laughter and the thrill of flying downhill….gosh I can hardly wait.

View the Northern Toboggan Co. garage sale: click here.


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