Warm Memories

Warm Memories

One of the great pleasures we have, here, at Northern Toboggan Company is hearing from customers. We enjoy hearing about the satisfaction our products bring you. It is even better when you tell us how a product brought back a memory from long ago. Such was the case recently when we heard from one of our patrons regarding our NTCo Choppers.

Surviving the Deepfreeze

After receiving a pair of NTCo Choppers this winter, one of our customers wrote a warmhearted letter of thanks and shared an intriguing memory. Our customer spent a winter at the South Pole Station during the early 1970s. He was part of Operation Deepfreeze, and, as you can imagine, the temperatures there were extremely cold. The winterwear furnished by the Navy was adequate for the weather, however, it seems the Government-issue leather mittens left something to be desired.

Over the time he spent there, he was able to procure a pair of mitts much like our NTCo Choppers. He wrote, “However, in the course of the winter I came across a pair of mitts that resemble yours to an uncanny degree. I remember also that they were somehow identified as being of Minnesota origin. They were not from military issue and I have no way of knowing where they came from. But most importantly they were warm and as large as they were, I learned how to do almost all my duties while wearing them.”

Not Just Toboggans

We cannot take credit for the first pair of choppers this customer received all those years ago, however, it is our pleasure to provide him with the warmth and quality of our NTCo Choppers. This winter, we’ve experienced our own version of the Deepfreeze. Having a pair of mittens that keep your fingers warm and toasty on those Arctic days is crucial when you have to be out in the weather.

NTCo is, of course, known for our toboggans, but we do offer more than these handcrafted jewels for family fun. We have a toboggan apparel line which includes our NTCo Choppers and a variety of warm hats, among other items.

Being a part of Minnesota artisans and handcrafters is highly satisfying. Offering products that are useful, cherished and well-made is important to us. We hope our products always inspire the making of pleasant memories.


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