Legend Arctic Explorer Toboggan Testimonial

Legend Arctic Explorer Toboggan Testimonial

Norman D. Vaughan is considered one of the most important figures in the history of American dogsledding. Mr. Vaughan was a member of the first Byrd Antarctic Expedition, and was the first American to drive dogs in the Antarctic. Inducted into the Musher Hall of Fame in 1990, Vaughan has entered 13 Iditarods, with his latest finish in 1990 at 84 years of age. Mr. Vaughan is also a customer of Northern Toboggan and Sled. In a letter to us, Vaughan says:

“The toboggan freight sled we took on the Serum 25 trip to Nome (a distance of 770 miles) was excellent. At no time did it fail to deliver its full potential. If I go again on such a trip, I will want one of your toboggan freight sleds.”

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