Winter Camping Testimonial

Winter Camping Testimonial

Dennis wrote: “Hi John. I purchased a hand toboggan from you in 2001. It’s the best. My camping friend Jim was so envious he purchased his in 2006. Not only do they handle a load beautifully, they’re beautiful to look at while on the trail. I’ve attached a couple of pictures from a winter camping trip in the Adirondacks we took in February 2006. Great craftsmanship John, a light toboggan, yet solid and can handle as large a load as I’m able to pull.”

Dennis’s friend Jim says: “Hello John. Your toboggan arrived today. Pretty is an understatement, it’s beautiful. A friend and I are heading to the woods next Thursday and it will solve many problems I’ve had with a load. Thanks for the good job and the best. Again Thanks.” — Jim McCafferty

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