Freight Sled for Ice Fishing Testimonial

Freight Sled for Ice Fishing Testimonial

“Just a note to let you know how satisfied I have been with the sled I purchased from you. At the time I had been pulling a homemade sled with my snowmobile, which contained ice fishing equipment. I was looking for a different type of sled with traits that I wanted, but didn’t have in my sled.”

“Three of my fishing friends had purchased sleds from your company and I had been attracted previously by your advertising. After physically inspecting the quality of materials and workmanship in your sleds along with the testimonials from my friends I purchased a sled from you. ”

“Since then I have pulled your sled over much of Lake of the Woods, winter fishing for walleye, crappie, and lake trout. From the Northwest Angle to White Fish Bay to Miles Bay to Nester Falls to Morson, I have found qualities that make your sled superior. The sled is light in weight, sturdy in construction, tracks the snowmobile well, good in all snow conditions and very stable when being pulled.”

“I would recommend your sled to anyone, as my friends recommended it to me. Thank you for building a great product and continued success to Northern Toboggan & Sled.”


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