Alaskan Musher Sings Praises!

Alaskan Musher Sings Praises!

Hi John.

Although we’ve had very poor snow conditions I finally threw caution to the winds, hooked up the mutts, and took my new toboggan out for a spin. After the first run I put my “modern” gear away for the season. Today I loaded it with 120 lb of weights (softener salt bags), my gear bag (probably 50 lb) and my heavy arse (230 lb) and my 8 dog team took me 20 miles in about 3 hours. Only one little bitty issue, and that was driver error?

You wanna know what happens when a solid oak toboggan smacks nearly head on into a black spruce tree? Not much at all.

Everyone who has seen it has the same reaction be they old-time dog mushers or young hot-rod sled dog racers – “That is SO KOOL!!!!”

I’m lovin’ it. You do great work and I’ll be happy to sing the praises of this sled to the world.


Fairbanks, AK


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