Northwest Territory Toboggan Testimonial

Northwest Territory Toboggan Testimonial

(Dave had just moved south from the high Arctic to Yellowknife NWT…)


Just to let you know I got the toboggan tied on Saturday and took it out for a run on Sunday. I can’t say enough about the sled. Everything I hoped it would be..

I lined the wrap with caribou and muskox hides and my wife and kid were toasty warm and comfortable.

I have been looking forward to having a toboggan for many years. It hasn’t been practical until now as a komotik is better on the hard packed snow with wicked drifts of the high arctic.

Anyways thanks for the great service. I know this sled will serve me well for many years. I look forward to ordering the next one 20 years on, hope you are still making them!!!!


Out “Yellowknife Toboggan”


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