The Hectic Season

The Hectic Season

The fall time always seems busy busy, for almost everyone and creatures alike. In the shop its working on orders and building inventory, outside its cleaning up the gardens and putting away summer gear and getting set for winter. Besides all this I had decided when I turned fifty that every morning of the duck season was fair game.

Ducks flying over head, photo taken through the reeds

The ducks are antsy too this time of year…when it gets light their flying around, and when they get the urge they leave for Southern climate. New ones seem to be arriving all the time.

I don’t go hunting every morning, but most mornings I have my tea at a little boat landing over looking Lake of the Woods. Across the bay is Manitoba and further out across the open water is Ontario. It takes about 15 minutes from my shop to get there, launch the boat, and throw out a few decoys, so I pick my days. Its beautiful down there, I love to watch the sunrises over the marsh and keeping tabs on the fall migration is a pastime in itself. It can be tremendous, its like bird watching with an ulterior motive.


Sunset silhouette of a hunter on the lake

…its Spiritual.

This time of year the phone doesn’t ring a lot…it’s a little early for people to start thinking about their winter pursuits. When it starts snowing is when I have to shorten my leash, and soon enough it will be hard to get away at all. But for now…before its snowing…is my opportunity to get outdoors. I’m pretty sure allowing this time has slowed down the passing of my lifespan. Since fifty, now the fall seems like the longest season.

When the lake is froze over and cold fronts are howling down from the north or its snowing out, I’m content being warm and cozy in the shop. Working with wood and the processes of making sleds is enjoyable work…taking time now to enjoy the outdoors and the changing season makes fond memories for when I’m sanding out a new sleigh.

I’m looking forward to season number 18 of sled making and getting reacquainted with long-time customers and meeting new friends throughout the year.


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