Great Story and Hand Toboggan Testimonial!

Great Story and Hand Toboggan Testimonial!

Hello John,

As promised are a couple of photos of our cabin.

I should say our daughter's cabin as approx 15 yrs ago she was a counselor at a church camp and at end of summer she heard that the cabin which she was in charge of was destined for demolition . She convinced the Board to give her the cabin and she had to remove it and clean up the site. An old friend and I jacked up
the cabin (10×20), loaded it onto a hay wagon and landed it in the only
clearing in our woods at the south end of our farm. There it stayed and
continued to deteriorate until now. I had a choice to tear it down before it
fell down or repair it. So this winter we started to restore it (put a new
roof on it 2 summers ago). So far I have gutted the interior, put 3 new sills
under it, replaced some rafters, floor plates, top plate, etc. Hopefully by
summer's end I can send some interior pictures but now the inside has nothing

A man walking in the snowy woods, leaning into the weigh of the toboggan he pulls

We use our new hand toboggan to haul supplies back there. Today I took
back some rafter collars and put the old trunk on the toboggan to bring back
to the farm to clean it up and line it with cedar. I thought you would
appreciate the photo with the toboggan leaned up on the cabin. By the way
what is the proper name of the fasteners you use to attach the cleats to the
slats–counter sunk and an Allen wrench head?

Have a great day and thanks again!

Bill Best



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