Happy customers make GREAT salespeople!

Happy customers make GREAT salespeople!

An interested winter camper asked if we could connect him with an existing customer about a hand toboggan that was purchased and has been used for over 10 years:) Thank you for sharing your story, Dennis!

Hi Robert,

I’m still using my toboggan, it keeps getting better. As far as base preparation goes, there is none, the more you use it, the smoother the wood gets, the bottom of mine is like glass. I pull my loaded toboggan with cross country skis on. I have applied the same glide wax to the bottom of my toboggan that I use on my skis. It pulls even easier with wax applied, but certainly isn’t nessacary.

The toboggan is strong!  I’ve clipped a number of trees while skiing with it down hill, not a crack.

The weight capacity is whatever you can pull.

 I’ve had mine loaded on narrow Adirondack mountain trails and all I had to do was shorten or lengthen my lead and I had excellent control of the sled.

It snakes along up and over bumps in the trail just right.

 I’ve seen all the hi tech new sleds with their sheet plastic construction. Are they lighter, yes they are, but I don’t mind pulling a few extra pounds. It always looks beautiful when I look behind me and see a wood toboggan . Also, if I do have to make a repair ( haven’t had to yet ) it makes sense that it would be easier to repair a wood toboggan over a plastic one when in the woods.

Excellent service from John also. He a craftsman that puts out an excellent sled, he uses quality and correct materials.

Attached is a picture of a winter camp of mine.

Hope this helps,



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