Snow Prediction.?.?

Snow Prediction.?.?

Well it seems that there are mixed reviews on whether or not we will see a decent snow fall for the season ahead. If there is one consistency we have had in our 19 years of wood toboggan and sled making is that their is no consistency! But it seems our friends at the almanac have some thoughts on the matter.

What is continually reassuring for our small sled crafting business is the relationships with our suppliers and friends on the land in the arctic and Canadian North. Our sales to lower Canada, US and Europe are very important, but they seem to be very much dependent on the snow fall. But our friends of the arctic need our wood sleds no matter the snow fall, because it is their way of life. I am grateful for these wonderful people of the land and cherish how we have come to depend on each other over the years.

My seasonal prayer... "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"


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