Wow, if you are living in the Midwest you were also likely caught by winter arriving almost overnight! I don’t think many folks where prepared for it psychologically. Of course, everyone knows Northern MN weather, but seriously, lets ease into it already.. I’ve been reading the waterfowl migration reports from the upper Midwest and the jist of it is pretty much we saw 90% of the fall migration in three days…if we saw it at all.

Over the weekend the southern part of the state got heavy snow falls…as much as a foot or more in some areas. When the ducks flew across the US/Canadian border into Minnesota many of them kept on going all the way to mid-Iowa, stopping for an overnight rest and continuing on into Missouri…a bummer for many of the duck hunters in the northern tier…for sure.

A lot of those guys and gals went deer hunting on opening weekend, surely that will raise their spirits! But the reports out yesterday were that the state harvest success rate is way off from last year during the same period. It could be the restrictive regulations set this year to boost future populations…could be the bright nights and weather change keeping the deer primarily nocturnal?

In short, if you’re talking to the hunting population in the northern region, this “perfect storm” sheds a whole new light on “Seasonal Depression!”

But I am grateful of my chosen craft every time we get to this stage of the Northern MN season. If there is one thing that I really like about building sleds and toboggans it is being in the shop on days like this. Outside the ground is freezing, the humidity is high, and the cold is raw and penetrating. Fairly soon I suppose its going to get really cold and freeze out much of the humidity, after that it gets more comfortable outdoors…at least it feels that way.

This week I’m enjoying a warm shop and the indoor sled making. I’m just fine with watching the swirling snowflakes blowing around through fogged window panes. It’s actually quite cheery and pleasant in spite of the weather. After all, tis the season!


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