There are folks who loath the winter months. For many it is the favorite time of year. I’ve always been grateful to live at this latitude where we get four distinct seasons that are pretty much equal in length of three months.

If it’s early in December and someone looks out the window and remarks that it is snowing, it is likely that people will get up to see for themselves. If it’s the end of March maybe nobody gets up? December is a winter month, March is a spring month.

I like being out when it’s snowing. To be out on the marsh when it is snowing with grey skis and wind blowing late in the duck season is exhilarating…especially if you are witnessing a migration!

I love being in the woods when it’s snowing…especially when it’s coming down in big flakes. It’s beautiful and often accompanied with silence. When it’s piling up with the really fresh stuff, you are not making a sound as you walk, and if you’re watching an animal or your dog moving not far away, you see the movements but its happening in silence…peaceful silence.

I like walking from the house to my shop or in the yard doing chores when it’s snowing. When I’m in my shop I can see in three directions out three large windows when it’s snowing and that is the best of times for sleigh making.

I think when its snowing there is something magical happening…or perhaps it’s something spiritual. I can certainly feel it and I saw it again just the other day in my grandkids. I stopped by their place on Sunday evening after dinner and the whole family was outside. It was dark, as the sun had set hours before. There was about four inches of new snow on the ground and it was still snowing…everyone was happy and excited. The kids especially…they weren’t wearing their snow pants but they had on warm coats and boots and big hats and mittens. Their cheeks were rosy and eyes were sparkling in the yard lights. They had on their biggest smiles and they were giggling with pure delight and excitement.

Those kids are almost always in good spirits and a joyful bunch, but that night it was different…it was kinda special…it was snowing!


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