In a world that is getting smaller and smaller, it is wonderful how we are building close ties in trade and cooperation with the nations of the world, from North America to the Far East. I think that this trend of globalization is here to stay, and this seems to be a positive thing. Yet, from time to time, I appreciate spending some time in patriotic reflection. We are proud to be an American sled making company with close ties to our Canadian brothers. And this pride is highlighted when we come together as a nation to share in major occasions, like Sunday’s big game!

I went to early mass last Sunday and there was a visiting priest saying the mass and soliciting donations for Food for the Poor. It is a charitable organization that he has spent the last 30 years of his life working in the US, helping to raise the money to support the poor and hungry people in 17 foreign countries.

When I got home it was officially Super Bowl Sunday and I spent most of the day indoors preparing for the party and some family coming later in the afternoon for good food, festivities, and the big game. I spent most of my time in the kitchen and had the TV on, listening to the hours of hype that goes with the Super Bowl. I thought of how many people are involved with this phenomenon…fans, players, coaches, the media, and thousands of people who somehow support the NFL.

I thought of the old priest after mass standing in the gathering space shaking hands and collecting envelopes parishioners where handing him as they were leaving…many of them heading home to prepare for the Super Bowl themselves. I thought of all the charitable efforts in the country, and all of the people that regularly support them financially. Our government using tax dollars to give to other countries in the form of aid, and in some cases military support. I think by nature, Americans are generous and thankful people.

I also thought, what is the draw with the Super Bowl for Americans and people all around the world? I think a big part of it is the underlying values of the game that we admire and respect: effort, hard work, preparation, dedication, team work, self sacrifice, self discipline, skill, strategy that rivals the pentagon’s, commitment, and COMPETITION.

I was starting to get into it and we were getting closer to kick off, all day I was hearing about it and seeing all the pomp. The family showed up, the festivities began, and then that gal wailed out the National Anthem, and with her last few notes, a squadron of fighter jets shot across the open roof of the stadium. It was emotional, I felt blessed and proud to be an American. I felt a kindred spirit to all Americans.

We are fortunate to live in a country with so much abundance, and as philanthropy is a very important part of our heritage and country values, so should we allow ourselves to invest in celebration of America’s Game!

One of the competing teams came from the west coast of the US and the other from the east coast. Over 120 million people watched the game. Twenty two men and their teammates and coaches played it. Their training, effort, and skill represent much of what the 120 million people appreciate. It was a hell of a game…one of the best championship games I’ve seen…and the game belonged to the Patriots!


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