The Logo Tells the Story

The Logo Tells the Story

Text: "Best on the Land"

Having a trade mark or logo for the business is an important part of building a brand and establishing a reputation for your products and mission. When we were creating our logo for Northern Toboggan & Sled it was enjoyable for me working on the design with our printers. I can remember at the time being surprised at how much consideration was involved, as I hadn’t had any experiences with this type of effort before. It was a learning experience that I appreciated.

We wanted the logo to say something about us and here’s what we came up with:

The scene background is an arctic night with leafless trees, two stars, and in good quality images, faint Aurora Borealis in the Northern Sky. The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are a more common occurrence in the Northern Latitudes than they are here in the lower forty eight.

The three wolves are running in the arctic night as they often are hunting caribou or moose. They are ever present following the caribou herds which many of our customers do as well. Wolves, caribou, and subsistence hunting by the aboriginal peoples of the North, all three together, has been going on for literally thousands of years.

The font used in the print of Northern Toboggan & Sled is an “old time” font as we make an old time winter sleigh…the original wooden toboggans were “hunting sleighs”.

The simple lines of the traditional toboggan with its traditional gradual slow bend rising curl underline the company name. Below the toboggan the words “Best On The Land” are printed. This is meant in context with what is commonly said by people living in the north.

Hear in Minnesota and around the Great Lakes if someone asks: “where is Merlin?” The reply would be “he is in the woods”, or if Merlin is way out there it might be that he is “back in the sticks”.  If this scenario were to take place across the line in Canada the response would almost certainly be “he is in the bush”. When this reference is made in the Northern Provinces and the Northwest Territories it would definitely be that: “He is on the land”.


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