We will soon be at mid –summer here in Northern Minnesota. It’s been a good growing season so far due to an earlier spring and almost ideal rainfall. The plants in the garden are well established and now with the heat and humidity rising you can almost stand there and watch them grow. Bountiful! Beautiful!

All of the growing trees and plants seem to be flourishing this summer. The woods are like a jungle and the greenery is lush with good health. With daytime temps now in the high 80’s and relative humidity following suit, how could it not?

The early spring got warm and things dried up nicely. Then the timely rains before the standing water in the swamps and ditches dried up.  And Walla…ideal conditions for the mosquito hatch! It seems like if they get off to a good start they are bountiful all summer…which we are currently dealing with as well. We would not be enjoying the outdoors nearly as much without DEET.

This time of year with the humidity and heat cranking up, it is hard on the old carpenters. It’s best to start early and knock off early as the afternoon sun and heat really sap ones strength and energy. On top of this I seem to have developed wrinkles on my brow…that weren’t there in my younger days…and they catch the sweat running down my head and drain it in the corners of my eyes…sheez man

As we head into that time of year, when changing clothes your underwear rolls up in a tight knot…I am looking forward to the fall. Oh yes the cool days of fall and even winter…

The office here in the shop is a good place to escape the heat outside. It won’t be long and this is where I’ll be full time! I like it when I need to wear a jacket or coat walking back and forth from the house. I like making sleds and toboggans when there’s weather going on outside like rain…or better yet, snow!

Yah…mid-summer gets me psyched!


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