New Photos

New Photos

If there is one thing I’ve found out over the years its getting good product shots of the toboggans and sleds is not as easy as I would have thought. I’ve certainly struggled with this in the past.

On a couple occasions we’ve had professional photo’s taken and those have been by far the best ones. Still I have a large pile of images of our wooden toboggans and freight sleds that didn’t make the grade in spite of my best efforts. 

A couple weeks ago we had an appointment with a professional photographer at his studio for a photo shoot. The results of this are soon to be on the website! I was really impressed with this guy and from what I’ve seen of the photographs of our

sledding products I am quite pleased! I guess its like many of the trades or skilled professions there is a wide gap between do-it-yourselfer’s and the trade craftsmen.

Snowmobile friehgt sled on a clean white backround

We are excited and looking forward to putting up the new photo’s with the hope that they will more accurately portray our products on the website!!


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