Artful Living's "A-List" and the Artisan Revival

Artful Living's "A-List" and the Artisan Revival

We were very fortunate to have been selected by the very popular Midwest magazine, Artful Living, to join their “A-List” of Artisan goods for the year! Specifically, our Downhill Toboggan was the featured product.  Check out the list and write up here!

Artful Living also gave us the opportunity to congregate with the rest of this year’s winners for an intimate evening trade show in downtown Minneapolis, called The Artisan Revival. It was a great opportunity to make new connections with other Minnesota/Wisconsin craftspeople and to share our work and stories together.

Downhill toboggan on the table in a crowded event hall

It never ceases to amaze us how so many people connect to a wood toboggan and immediately share their story. It is as if we do not create and sell toboggans, but nostalgia…

wooden sled on a table in front of a plaque and a small band


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