Happy Holidays from Harren Mountain!

Happy Holidays from Harren Mountain!

A few years back we had a crew working on the drainage ditch near our 40 acres. Knowing the outfit doing the work, I approached them asking what they planned to do with much of the clay earth that I new they did not have any use for. I expressed my interest in having a sledding hill for our family and offered a corner of our 20 acre field as a repository for any unwanted clay. In a kind gesture, they created a three story hill that has come to be coined "Harren Mountain".

Four kids packed into a toboggan, siting atop a snow-covered hill
We are very blessed with 11 grandchildren and a day on Harren Mountain with a couple wooden toboggans is a regular Christmas tradition. Happy Holidays from our family to yours! 

Two girls run up-hill pulling a toboggan sled by the rope


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