"Those happy faces you wrote about"

"Those happy faces you wrote about"

Downhill 'boggin sled at the top of a hill overlooking snowy hills

This work is rewarding on many levels. One of the best parts of building sleighs is connecting with those who share their stories about gifting a wooden toboggan.

Just this past holiday season I had the pleasure of exchanging many great emails with Virginia who grew up with a classic wood toboggan. She gifted one for each of her three children and their families and shared their reactions via email, one with my favorite subject lines of the year..."Those happy faces you wrote about"...

"Thought you would want to see a photo of my daughter : granddaughter with dog lurking on the Vermont. I think this captures the joy your product brings. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Virginia"

 "Happily it arrived (in Colorado) and the family is having great fun! Thanks so much. V."   Thank you Virginia and happy sledding to you and your family!


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