2021 Northern Toboggan Year in Review

2021 Northern Toboggan Year in Review

As we settle into the groove of a new year, we want to reflect on the special moments of 2021. While this past year wasn’t the complete reprieve from 2020 that we were anticipating, we hope you found as many joyous times as we did. We hope you put down the electronics and took time to just be. Above all, we hope you forged new paths outdoors with the ones you love most by your side.

Here are four of our most memorable times from 2021:

More People Got Up and Got Out

In 2020, the pandemic sparked an outdoor reawakening. According to the 2021 Outdoor Participation Trends Report, 7.1 million more Americans participated in outdoor recreation in 2020 than the year prior. We believe that the same upward trend continued in 2021 as we saw more people sharing their experiences as they found new connections in nature – with others and within themselves.

As time goes on and we’re able to finally put the pandemic behind us, we hope everyone continues to explore the meaningful, lasting impact nature can have on us.

National Toboggan Championship Sponsors

Every year we look forward to the National Toboggan Championship in Camden, Maine. We’re proud to sponsor the event because it highlights everything we cherish about toboggans. Gathered around an icy track, you see generations making memories together. They laugh, warm up with a hot beverage, and, best of all, fly down an icy track all scootched together on a wooden toboggan.

If you didn’t catch it this year, we hope to see you there in 2023!

Grand Opening of Northern Toboggan Retail Store in Ely

Right smack dab in the center of Minnesota’s epicenter of outdoor adventure, we held the grand opening of our retail store. We believe there’s no better place to begin our retail journey. Beyond selling toboggans, we’ve had the honor of sharing our love for getting people outdoors.

A White Winter (In Warroad)

The 2021-2022 winter season has treated us well. In Warroad, MN, we’ve received an average of 40 inches of accumulated snow fall. The cold, snowy weather has been perfect for many of our favorite outdoor activities, including downhill sledding, snowshoe trekking, and ice fishing.

Unfortunately, our neighbors in the Northeast weren’t as lucky. You all have experienced a mild, low precipitation winter. We’re told that many in Pennsylvania and New York have barely had the opportunity to go sledding at all.

As we slide further into 2022, it’s our wish that you find joy in life’s little moments. That you get outside, even if it’s just to feel the sun on your face or to breathe in the fresh air. Above all, we hope this year brings you and your loved ones health and happiness.


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