A 23 year old start up…

A 23 year old start up…

The past two years have brought about a lot of change for Northern Toboggan Co. As Jackson and I have started to take over much of the business vision and direction, one of our biggest targets is to optimize a year round operation. Our father, the Sled Maker, has always ran a sole proprietorship. Every aspect of the wood toboggan sled business was done by him. Well, in order to help free him from the business at some point in the future, we need to make sure there is enough work to support an apprentice with year round work.

In addition to working hard to grow our orders, improve our existing product lines, and invest in inventory for off season work, we also have to deal with the fact that low snow years are a reality. As you would guess, when there isn't snow, our sales of wooden sled products drop dramatically. So in order to make this a year round operation we must also have a heavy focus on diversification of our products.

So what are we going to do about this? How will we fill the shop time and diversify? Well, we have many irons in the fire and are embarking on an adventure of rigorous entrepreneurship (hypothesis, test, review results, try something slightly new again!). As we get more traction, we will share our progress. For now, all we can share is it will involve crafting heirloom wood products and storytelling :-) We love being transparent and sharing our story, but some aspects of the business need to be held a bit closer to the vest ;-) Stay tuned and we hope you stick around for the journey!


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