A History of Cargo Sleds: Pulling Your Own Weight and Other Objects Too

A History of Cargo Sleds: Pulling Your Own Weight and Other Objects Too

A History of Cargo Sleds - Pulling Your Own Weight and Other Objects Too!

Cargo sleds have been around for an especially long time. In fact, archeologists discovered sleds in ancient Egypt. They were thought to have been used to transport heavy obelisks over sand, and were also used in the construction of Egyptian public works.

In the Oseberg Viking ship excavation, sleds were also found and thought to be used to transport goods. People had to pay tolls to travel with wheeled vehicles but not with sleds, making them even more valuable. Modern-era expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic used man-hauled sledges, while other explorers used dog sleds. Different types of cargo sleds are still used today to transport heavy equipment, supplies and other gear in places like Antarctica.

Cargo sleds were also popular during the arrival of Europeans to North America in the 15th century and through today. The Hudson Bay company landed in what is modern day Canada and relied on Cariole Dogsleds to explore and create the fur trade. Beyond all of that, North America’s first people have millennia of history using hand toboggans and sleds made of bark, animal hides, whale bones and more. 

For Recreation and Work
Cargo sleds can be used for various jobs. Traveling over snow and getting into places that are difficult for a regular motorized vehicle, freighting sleds are often towed behind snowmobiles, ATVs or Side by Sides. They carry building supplies, cabin and camp supplies, and sometimes people. The cargo sled still has many uses for practicality in transporting items and for fun in hauling people. Whether your snowmobile, your dogs, or you are pulling it, the cargo sled can be useful and fun.

The beauty of a well-made cargo freight sled is that it can be used for pleasure and practical purposes. A well-made sled is strong enough and durable enough to haul all kinds of things over the snow. When the work is done, pile in the kids and go for a ride through the woods; maybe even have a winter bonfire if the air is not too cold.

A Beautiful Heirloom, A Great Investment
We are known at Northern Toboggan Company for the extraordinary care we put into making our sleds and kits. As students of the master sled-makers, we learned the skills required to make beautiful, functional towing toboggans and cargo sleds for the great Canadian North.

Well-made cargo sleds are used by people in the roughest part of North America. Because of their high quality, you can expect our sleds to last for decades. We now make a variety of cargo sleds, snowmobile sleds, and Komatiks. We worked with our Inuit customers in designing our beautiful Komatiks.

Browse our website for a look at all our sleds. Be sure to watch our cargo sled video so you can see how good-looking this workhorse can be in action. Contact us if you have questions or want to know more about our sleds and toboggans.


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