Baby Shower Toboggan

Baby Shower Toboggan

Summertime orders always generate increased interest by our toboggan making team. Usually folks wait until closer to when the snow will fall to order their toboggan, however this summer we were asked to customize a Classic Toboggan for a very special family embarking on a new adventure.

A baby shower was being planned by some kind work colleagues and they wanted to give a unique gift to their friend and coworker, Casey. They contacted us and excitedly we put together their toboggan.

Everything went according to plan with our team in the shop, but we ran into a shipping snafu after it left our hands. We kept watching the tracking information and anticipating the toboggan’s timely arrival, but it didn’t happen. Thanks to the creativity of these same kind work colleagues, the soon-to-be parents were presented with a cardboard toboggan prototype at the baby shower.

The toboggan arrived the next day. To quote Casey, "It's the most thoughtful and best gift I’ve ever received."

Now on to the best part of this story…

Just a week after the shower, a baby boy arrived on the scene. Healthy. Happy. And ready for his first winter adventure. Enjoy, little one.



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