DIY Snowshoes: Winter Activities for Families and Couples

DIY Snowshoes: Winter Activities for Families and Couples

Finding fun, exciting winter activities for the whole family to enjoy can be hard enough on its own.  Throw a pandemic into the mix and your options become even more limited.  However, even in these strange times of social distancing and isolation, there is fun to be had.  All it takes is a little bit of creativity, teamwork, and your very own DIY Snowshoe Kit from Northern Toboggan Co. 

And while building DIY snowshoes may not sound very family-oriented at first, there’s something to be said about taking on unique and collaborative projects with your loved ones.  Not only does building and creating things in a group setting promote teamwork and togetherness, but the conversations and stories shared along the way naturally lead to deeper connection between all those involved.  And just think, once you’ve built your DIY Snowshoes, the adventure has only begun.  In time, your new snowshoes may become an heirloom that speaks to the stories and laughs of your adventures as a family.

We are living in a time in history that will not be forgotten soon. The news headlines are full of events that make us cringe, raise anxiety levels, and create feelings of depression. Focusing your mind on a project that brings joy is calming and can certainly be healing in its own unique way.  From seeing your project develop to strapping the final product onto your feet and setting out into nature, DIY snowshoes are the perfect blend of both relaxation and reward.

Imagine walking through the snow with your partner or family, listening to the crunch beneath your feet. No wild engines humming or thoughts of a breakdown miles from home. Just the beautiful sounds of nature in winter as you walk along. You can take a path through the woods or traverse the expanse of a lake frozen over. Wherever you choose to go, you are in for a delightful time of peace and tranquility.

The snow glistens like diamonds under the moonlight as the soft sound of your snowshoes adds to the sounds of the winter evening. If you are on the lake, you can expect to hear it groan, often sounding like the call of the whales. You may listen to the song of a wolf or two. Even if the only thing heard is the sound of your breathing in the winter silence, the experience will be cherished and become part of the story that goes along with your new snowshoes. 

Create a new story with your loved ones. Contact us today to order your DIY snowshoe kit. We also have toboggan kits for more active fun. With a kit from Northern Toboggan Company, you are not just making something; you are creating memories.


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