Essential Tips for Caring for Your Wooden Toboggan

Essential Tips for Caring for Your Wooden Toboggan

The Year-Round Joyride: Essential Tips for Caring for Your Wooden Toboggan


As summer shines upon us, it's easy to get caught up in the warmth and fun of the season. However, it's never too early to start thinking about winter and its delightful activities. One such cherished tradition is tobogganing, and taking the time to prepare your wooden sled during the summer months ensures it will be ready for unforgettable snowy adventures. In this blog, we'll guide you through the process of properly preparing your toboggan, so you can hit the hills with confidence when winter arrives.

Toboggan Repair
  1. Adventure Assessment: When the sun is shining bright, bring out your wooden toboggan from its hiding place and give it a good once-over. Look out for cracks, splinters, or loose bits that might need attention. If you spot any issues during your inspection, fear not! Grab some sandpaper and gently smooth out any rough spots or splinters. Patch up those cracks or loose parts using wood glue. Take your time and let the glue dry properly before moving on to the next step.

  2. Summer Spa Treatment: Give your toboggan a refreshing makeover during the summer months. Wipe away any dust and gently clean it with a soft cloth, revealing its natural beauty. This little spa treatment keeps your sled looking its best and shows your toboggan some well-deserved love. This is also a great time to protect your wooden toboggan from harsh weather by shielding it against the elements. If your toboggan has a protective varnish that is showing wear, a light sanding followed by a coat of varnish should be applied. If the toboggan has a stain or oiled finish that is taking on a weathered look, we recommend a coat of boiled linseed oil. This will prepare your sled to stand strong against winter's icy winds and snowy surprises. This protective layer ensures your toboggan remains ready for whatever nature throws its way.

  3. Seasonal Safety Check: Safeguard the joy of future toboggan rides by checking for any potential safety concerns. Look for loose parts or any signs of wear. Tighten screws, fastenings, or runners if needed, ensuring a secure and safe toboggan for all your adventures.

By taking the time to prepare your wooden toboggan during the summer months, you can ensure it remains in excellent condition for your winter escapades. Cleaning, repairing, and applying a protective coating will help maintain the integrity and beauty of your sled so when the snow starts to fall, you'll be ready for thrilling toboggan adventures that will create cherished memories for you and your loved ones.


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