Good Things Take Time

Good Things Take Time

handmade toboggans

The leaves are changing colors and we’re getting ready for the winter season that will soon be here. Which means it’s almost time for little screams of laughter that erupt as they make their way down a snow-covered hill. We love that we get to create the sled that holds your family and guides your adventures through the snow. Just like our toboggans that are built to last for generations, the memories made on them become stories handed down through your family. 

Each of our sleds are handmade, one-of-a-kind, and built with love and care. The fine craftmanship that goes into each one is years in the making. We’ve put a lot of research and development in creating each one of our designs. This is an art that we have carefully mastered and that we continue to find ways to fine tune and improve. We truly love what we do. From cutting each piece of wood, to rolling it and steam bending to perfection, to assembling and packaging the sled sent to you; our hands are in every step of the process.

One Thing Stays the Same

As our quality sleds take time to craft, we encourage you to plan ahead for the season so you have yours in plenty of time for the first good snowfall! The trees and temperatures may change but the one thing that stays steady is our love of helping others connect with the joys of nature, family, and the nostalgia found at the top of a sledding hill…

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