Insights of an Apprentice

Insights of an Apprentice

We have had the opportunity to invite several apprentices into our workshop over the years. Not only is it fun to watch their skill and confidence grow over time, but the learning becomes reciprocal. Each one has left a lasting mark on our business, influencing a product design, offering an easier solution, or integrating a different woodworking technique.

I'd like to share some insights from the newest member of our team, Nathan Jeffrey:

"A couple of years ago I heard of a man in the area who made toboggans. At that time, I had no idea where exactly he was even located or that it was actually a business. At that time I thought it was just a hobby. I’ve always been a little bit interested in woodworking, especially steam bending. I’ve made a few crafts over the years on my own and even tried making my own steamer out of a hot plate, a large kettle, and a PVC pipe. It probably would have worked, but I did it outside on a chilly day and I think the steam just cooled down too much. I had no idea at that time that I would end up working for a company that specializes in steam bending wood.
Working for Northern Toboggan Company has given me a greater appreciation for craftsmanship and a deeper understanding for the wood itself. Learning how to properly identify wood grain in a board that will bend well has been a huge improvement to my abilities as a woodworker. Being an avid outdoorsman myself, I’m really enjoying getting to make products that I’m passionate about. I look forward to learning more about the craft as time goes on."

Training an apprentice
Nathan has been an excellent addition while bringing new energy and ideas to the team. We look forward to the years ahead because after all, crafting lifetime products in a small wood shop is an experience that isn't just lost with the sawdust.


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