It's a sleigh, it's a dogsled… no… it's a kicksled!

In Scandinavia, kicksledding is a highly popular ‘classic activity’ dating back several generations.

Kicksleds are also popular & easy to use for transport, especially on roads with compacted snow. They’re considered the most environmentally friendly transport around towns. Popularity is increasing in the U.S. and Canada as well, with kicksledding clubs popping up in snowy areas and with rentals becoming more and more available at state park and recreation areas.

Boy on kicksled pulled by dog in winter

Kicksleds have various uses, from running errands, ice fishing, racing, exercising, or as a lighter weight option for dogsledding with 1 or 2 dogs. They’re also useful for tourism at winter cabins to explore nature in new ways and group day activities. The seat can be used to carry a child, groceries, and can help those wheelchair-bound or with other physical impairments get out and enjoy the winter trail, too.

We have found that groomed trails for cross country skiing are an excellent place to use kicksleds. Because of the kick and glide motion, it is easy on the knees and joints, but more stable because you have the handlebar on the sled to hang on to. Of course, the level of workout is entirely up to how much effort you want to exert. I often prefer a leisurely glide through the snow. 

Kicksleds aren't just for the young and nimble - they are also great for the young at heart. Many grandparents can't resist the temptation to glide along a path or push a grandchild along. 

kicksled on winter path

 The Northern Toboggan Kicksled

After years of customers and friends asking us to make our version of a kicksled, along with a few years of prototyping and testing, we are excited to introduce the Northern Toboggan Kicksled. It is designed with the hand crafted look and quality shared by all of our products.

One key feature is our ski runner design which is wider than most metal runners and provide some 'float' in snow. Inlaid within the runner is a narrow strip of UHMW plastic which aids in tracking and gliding on packed surfaces. The oak construction is strong, yet flexible and beautiful. It is also affixed with a brake to slow you down and a rope to pull a child or secure to your dog for some extra speed.

Why not try out a kicksled for yourself?


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