Kickstarter Campaign: Rekindle the Simple Joys of Winter

Kickstarter Campaign: Rekindle the Simple Joys of Winter

Imagine: the year is 1819. It’s getting close to Christmas time and the snow cover already on the ground is getting a fresh layer of big fluffy flakes. The laughter of children echoes through the air as they take to the hills on their toboggans. Somewhere on the nearby road is the sound of bells jingling as a horse and carriage rolls by. The scene could easily be captured on a Currier & Ives Christmas card. We preserve memories like this at Northern Toboggan Co. Check out our new Kickstarter campaign featuring our handmade 100 percent Authentic Classic Toboggan.

A Tribute to the Past

We’ve been crafting toboggans by hand for over 20 years as a family business. Our vision has been to connect families outdoors by getting them on the hill together and by sharing our stories through our Minnesota Made lifestyle brand. Now, for the first time, our tribute to the past rekindles the simple joys of this season as we offer an authentically designed downhill toboggan from the 1800s. 

The materials used in these one-of-a-kind toboggans are historically matched. Downhill toboggans of that era were made from ash or maple and sported the half-circle curl. We’ve done our best to replicate these classics including a finish of linseed oil, slot drive screws and natural fiber manila roping. Even the pads are authentically replicated with waxed canvas instead of our usual marine-grade coated polyester.  

 classic 1800 toboggan

Here is the Classic Toboggan in the Foreground.
Notice the Front Circular Curve, Rich Linseed Finish, and Twine Rope.

Getting the Word Out – Building Awareness

We are very excited about this venture. We appreciate that the Kickstarter platform gives us the opportunity to share this brand-new product with a wide audience. Launching a new product can be a big challenge for a small business. Kickstarter allows us to get the word out while we share our story and fund startup costs. It allows us to spread awareness about our business, this enjoyable pastime and a touch of history, as well.

Creating heirloom-quality toboggans is what we are known for. This venture takes it to a higher level, with an authentic replication of the 1800s toboggan. As a special touch, our Kickstarter backers who order a toboggan will have a personalized nameplate. It is our hope that decades from now these toboggans will hold a very special place in the families to which they belong. The associated memories throughout the generations will be full of love, joy, and laughter.

Cultivating Family Tradition

Here at Northern Toboggan, we believe in cultivating family traditions. Indeed, our business is a family tradition of building handcrafted toboggans for others to enjoy and start their own family traditions of sledding fun. 

The sound of jingle bells and the horse-drawn carriage may have largely been replaced by the growl of snowmobiles on nearby trails. Yet, we know the laughter of kids will still echo up and down hills as today’s families incorporate our authentic 1800s toboggans into their own traditions of wintertime fun.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign and add your support to our growing numbers of backers. 


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