NTCo – A Year-Round Business

NTCo – A Year-Round Business

Even though tobogganing is a winter sport here in the North, the creation of these beautiful sleds is an ongoing, year-round enterprise. My family watched Dad work his butt off. For many years, when the weather got warm, the shop would slow down, and other woodworking and carpentry projects would fill the seasonal void. But time marches on, and with progress comes change. NTCo has changed accordingly.

Over the past years, the business has grown steadily. Growth brings more employees, more production and additional happy, satisfied customers. It's been quite a journey. We pause to see how far we've come from those days when Dad planted those first seeds of hard work along the way. Jackson and I worked shoulder-to-shoulder with him through our childhoods and into adulthood. Now our family looks back and takes pride in the fact that, with all of us working together, we have come full circle and achieved year-round production.

When a handcrafted product is made with genuine care, an eye for the unique and excellence in quality, people pay attention and word spreads. This has been our experience with our toboggans and snowshoes as NTCo growth continues. Of course, word of mouth has been paired with more and more rigor around operational planning and marketing as we craft a solid artisan manufacturing business that involves more than just the sole Sled Maker.  This also provides new and fun challenges. With this expansion comes a level of new business management and planning. Each step forward brings a new appreciation for those early days and broadens the vision of what is possible for the future. Underlying it all are core values that form the firm foundation NTCo is built upon.  

Minnesotans take pride in their handiwork. Our Minnesota Made lifestyle brand is no exception. Here in the northern woods, where the weather is warm these days, this 23-year-old startup is well on its way to continuing our family tradition of toboggan and snowshoe making. We have our loyal customers and supporters to thank for that, and we truly do thank each and every one of you. We are humbled to be a part of your family tradition of enjoying the beauty of winter.


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