Our Journey from the North to Your Homes

Our Journey from the North to Your Homes

Toboggans have long been used to help families thrive off the land. They’ve been used for transporting supplies across the arctic. This need is how Northern Toboggan Co came to be. There was a shortage of supply, and John Harren happened to be a talented carpenter with a love for the outdoors and a willingness to learn how to make them. His handcrafted methods have been passed down through our family and to other talented artisans on our team.

Holiday Gift Giving

As our company has grown over the years, people have requested we develop more products for families to have fun connecting to the outdoors. This has always been a passion of ours, so the transition seemed only natural. The evolution has turned into a collection of toboggans, sleds, pull sleds, snowshoes and sledding gear. We love seeing the adventures families take and the enjoyment they experience on what we’ve crafted. It’s truly why we do what we do.

We also love developing and crafting new products for adventuring. We've created a new toboggan as a gift option for the holidays that will be ready to ship.

Stay tuned...

We’ll be revealing our new toboggan soon along with our Cyber Weekend Sale! We have some huge savings coming your way. Shop our in-stock items that are ready to ship and be in your home to enjoy for the holidays. Find the perfect gift for the adventure seeking, memory making lovers of the outdoors.


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