Racing to the Top

Racing to the Top

Participating in a great race is exhilarating and invigorating. The competition gives you a sense of joy, and when the adrenalin gets going, you feel a sense of being alive that is challenging to capture in any other way. That’s how we feel about toboggan racing, and we are so grateful to be a part of that scene.

History of the Nationals

We just finished building a couple of custom racing toboggans for the U.S. Toboggan Nationals race in Camden, Maine. The first official U.S. National Toboggan Championship was held in 1991. This was the year the original 1937 toboggan chute was dedicated and named the Jack R. Williams Toboggan Chute. This event was created by Jack Williams and Ken Baily, who was, at that time, Parks and Recreation Director of Camden Parks.

The three-day weekend takes place each February with over 6,000 spectators rooting for their chosen teams. The maximum of 425 teams composed of nearly 1,300 racers contend for the championship during this intense competition.

Building for Success

Northern Toboggan Company has been honored to build custom toboggans for this race and others, although Camden is one of the main events among traditional tobogganers. We have also applied our trade toward racers who compete in sled dog racing. Those who race and come to NTCo for their custom-built toboggans exude a contagious excitement that makes us proud to be part of their journey.

We enjoy working directly with our customers. They share stories of past races and hopes of future glory. They depend on our skill and craftsmanship to ensure the toboggan they ride has what it takes to be a true contender. We talk with them about the different species of wood used and why they are chosen. We talk about the process; bending the wood is always an interesting subject.

It’s All Downhill From Here

Camden Snow Bowl Toboggan Nationals

The Ragged Mountain Preserve of the MidCoast comes alive in February, with thousands of competitors, onlookers, and supporters. We enjoy being a part of this event. Knowing some of our toboggans, crafted with care and love for the work, will be flying down the hill produces a sense of pride. Though we may not be racing ourselves, we craft our racing toboggans with hopes they will be the fastest out of the chute and glide like the wind downhill.


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