Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

In a world that seems so chaotic, it is truly a blessing to be able to take time to appreciate the finer things in life – those intangible things that cost little and mean so much. Through the years we have experienced many of those moments at Northern Toboggan Company. Our family was one that went to the woods for our family vacations. Our childhood was at a natural pace even much slower than is known today. Hopefully, through our hand-crafted toboggans, we also inspire others to embrace the simple joy of a sled, a hill, and a little gravity. Spending time in the outdoors experiencing the beauty of the woods and the cycle of life is a special adventure that everyone should have every now and then.

Looking back on our trip to visit the Dené people of the Northwest Territories, some of the valuable lessons learned there touch our daily lives here. One such lesson is the value of community. As our world becomes more and more dependent on technology and all that derives from it, the simplicity of a less complicated way of living gets lost along the sidelines. And yet, if we listen closely, it still beckons to us.


Our travels allow us to recalibrate our way of experiencing the world, at least they should. Looking back at the weekly tradition on Inuvik CBC radio, one can’t help but smile. Fridays throughout the Arctic, people call the radio station to give a shout-out to whoever is listening. Imagine being a couple of thousand miles from home and saying hi to your loved ones over the radio. Those personal updates were fascinating and spoke volumes about the sense of community in the area.

We are fortunate at NTCo. Our family business keeps us connected to one another and our customers. Creating wooden sleds and toboggans has opened new worlds to us and expanded our sense of community. It has also helped us to realize the importance of our work.

Pleasure and Purpose

While our hand-crafted sleds are meant to bring joy and pleasure to families all over, they also serve an important purpose for many people throughout the Arctic. Not only do the sleds provide recreation, but they are also an integral part of life in this magnificent area of the world.

Life in the NWT moves at a different pace and though there are certainly hardships and challenges that must be overcome on a daily basis, there is also a sense of peace that eludes so many of us here in the States. It is a pleasant thought to know our sleds are serving a purpose so far away. Somewhere someone may be traveling pulling one of our wooden toboggans carrying a successful hunt. Maybe they stop for the night and camp out under the stars and watch the drama of the Aura Borealis shimmer and play in the evening sky. One of those simple pleasures, one of the finer things in life.


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