The Evolution of Sledding: How It Became a Beloved Winter Pastime

The Evolution of Sledding: How It Became a Beloved Winter Pastime

How Sledding Became a Favorite Winter Pastime 

Have you ever been at the top of a sledding hill and wondered why the first person decided to slide down as fast as possible?

As one of the most popular winter activities, sledding has a rich history dating back centuries. Northern Toboggan Co. is dedicated to preserving this rich tradition by handcrafting high-quality sleds that can be passed down for generations. Let’s explore the evolution of sledding, from its origins as a means of transportation to a thrilling winter pastime.

A Brief History of Sledding 

The earliest sleds were made from animal hide, wood, and bone. These sleds were primarily used as a means of transportation in areas with heavy snowfall. Over time, as other methods of transportation evolved, people began using sleds for leisure activities like racing and sliding down hills.


In the late 1800s, sleds became more popular as toys. So, manufacturers started mass producing them for recreational purposes. The first commercially produced sleds were made from wood and had metal runners. To this day, children and families spend hours at sledding hills, creating wonderful memories together.

Today, sledding is a well-known winter sport with casual and competitive presence; including events at the Olympic Games. Some of the most popular forms of sledding include dog sledding, bobsledding, and toboggan racing. At Northern Toboggan Co., we do what we can to play a role in the preservation and continued evolution of sledding for generations to come.

Our Impact on Sledding as a Favorite Pastime

There are all kinds of sleds made from modern and inexpensive materials whipping down the hills these days, but the wooden sled still stands as king of the hill through the test of time.

Northern Toboggan Co. takes pride in its traditional manufacturing process and carefully handcrafts each sled to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance. We offer a range of sleds suitable for different types of sledding, including racing, recreational, and backcountry sledding.

Our commitment to producing high-quality sleds contributes to making sledding a favorite winter pastime for outdoor adventurers, sledding enthusiasts, and athletes. 

Interested in joining in on the fun of sledding or looking for new sledding gear? Check out our shop. 



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