What's the difference between a sled and a toboggan and which one is for me?

What's the difference between a sled and a toboggan and which one is for me?

Toboggans are designed to glide easily over top of all different snow varieties. They were originally designed for serving the utility purpose of hauling gear or people long distances. These are typically longer sleds without runners that also have a curled front end. Widths and lengths can vary depending on the use. Today, smaller versions of toboggans are still being used for downhill coasting on the local hill, just like grandpa had.  

We craft several types of toboggans: downhill, towing, hand, and our newest Camden Racing Toboggans. Our Downhill Series gives you just that, world-class recreational downhill sledding which are available in multiple lengths to accommodate the size of your sledding crew.  Our Hand Toboggan is designed to be your companion in trekking with snowshoes or skis. It’s a favorite for winter camping, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and general winter trekking. Its tapered shape allows it to track behind you within your trail in the snow.

Kids smiling while riding on downhill toboggan

Our Towing Toboggans were originally made to be pulled by a team of dogs, but they can also be pulled behind a snowmobile, ATV, or side-by-side. These are handcrafted and assembled with individually bent boards forming a beautiful slow curl that glides easily over brush and debris. These can hold everything you need for a day of ice fishing or a weekend trip. 

Our Camden Racing Series is designed to offer a ready-to-race toboggan for competitive racers. We have spent years building custom toboggans for the U.S. National Toboggan Championships and these are the newest addition to our lineup of toboggans. 

Sleds, on the other hand, are built on runners and they don’t have the same curled front. We hand-craft Cargo Sleds such as our Box-Freight Sled that is designed for trapping, ice fishing, hauling firewood or kids, and general cabin utility. They come with a steel hitch for pulling behind a snowmobile, ATV, or side by side. The metal fasteners are specially designed to flex and allow the sled to follow a machine without damaging the load. We also create Custom Built Sleds for specialized projects that require additional length or width. 

Child being pulled in Child's Pull Sled

Our Child’s Pull Sled is your traditional pull sled and the winter equivalent of a red wagon. These are perfect for family winter walks as they move easily across the ground.  

At Northern Toboggan Co, traditions are important to us. We’ve been fortunate to build a lifestyle of playing together as a family. Our love for what we do in handcrafting products to be used on the land, also consists of crafting lifelong memories in the shop. This same care and love are put into everything we make. Our product line of sleds and toboggans continues to grow and evolve as we grow and evolve. We love nothing more than the thought of your family enjoying the outdoors with one of our products. 


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