Why Snow Sleds Aren't Just for Kids

Why Snow Sleds Aren't Just for Kids

Imagine: fresh powdery snow glistening in the moonlight. You can hear the lake booming and zinging, its echoes reverberating in the night air as the ice cracks and shifts. There you are at the top of the hill with your best friend in the world. The two of you climb aboard your trusty toboggan and snuggle up under the black sky littered with stars like grains of salt on a black floor. Push off and down you go, the crisp air bringing color to your cheeks as the snow flies behind you. 

Many adults have memories from childhood of sledding with friends when they were kids. Now that we are older, sledding may seem like child’s play, not a suitable activity for grownups. But in romantic movies, on occasion, you will see adult couples enjoying the pleasure of sledding. In comedies, adults only go sledding when they accidentally step on the child’s sled and end up snowboarding or going downhill face first only to end in a fluffy snowbank.

A Grownup’s Playtime

There was a time when tobogganing was an excellent pastime for adults. In fact, in the late 1800s, people would get fancied up for the occasion. Men would put on their top hats, and women would don their fanciest dresses and furs for fun on the slopes. Tobogganing was a main attraction for adults until skiing took over.

Today it is doubtful that anyone would wear their Sunday best for a day tobogganing, and skiing seems to be the winter sport of choice. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to have some old-fashioned sledding fun with your sweetheart or some friends? Get the family together and have races or hitch up a towing toboggan to the snowmobile and go off on an adventure in the woods. There are so many ways to enjoy sledding. Why let the kids have all the fun?

Reviving a Winter Sport

Winter activities are excellent for the body and soul. They get the blood running; the crisp air clears out the lungs, and it is all fun. Skiing takes special equipment, the right slope, the right conditions, and you usually must pay for the privilege. Snowmobiling will take you farther – if you have enough gas and, oh yes, a snowmobile. But think of this, sledding does not need special equipment. Grab your toboggan, find a hill and have fun! And if you don’t have a toboggan yet, contact us. Northern Toboggan Company will get you outfitted with one of the best hand-built toboggans available on the market.


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