Winterizing Your Antique Toboggan

Winterizing Your Antique Toboggan

antique toboggan restoration

There are plenty of old toboggans languishing in garages, storage facilities and back yards. Some are mounted on the walls of cabins for display or put away in a closet forgotten. They may look like they have seen better days, but in most cases, with a little tender care, you can bring an old toboggan back to life. If you follow our tips, you can winterize your old toboggan and get it back in shape for fun and beauty.

Antique toboggans do not have to be just for display. Remember, someone made them to be functional, and with some elbow grease and the right products, you can restore that antique to its former glory. So, before you retire that old toboggan or worse, throw it on the trash heap, consider the joy of restoration. Once you get your toboggan back in running order, proper maintenance will help it become a true family heirloom. It will be a family treasure that puts the “fun” in functional. 

Here are tips on how to restore and maintain your antique toboggan.

  • Proper storage for your toboggan is a high priority. You need to make sure that it is not left out for the elements to get to it. Unnecessary weathering may shorten the life of your toboggan. If it is not possible to store it indoors, make sure that it is covered and protected from the weather.
  • Because wood is porous, it soaks up moisture.  A proper finish protects the wood. A well-varnished toboggan will maintain the integrity of the wood. Depending on your usage, you may need to refinish the boards more than once. The varnish will wear down as you use your toboggan.
  • A broken board on your toboggan does not mean you have to throw it away. Boards can be repaired or replaced, extending the life of your toboggan and giving you many more years of fun.

The first snow already hit the ground, and it looks like there is a promise of much more to come. Getting your toboggan ready for winter now will ensure you and your family months of non-stop fun on the slopes, and who couldn’t use a lot more fun nowadays? 

We can help you get your toboggan in shape and if you need a winter project, check out our DIY toboggan kits. Imagine creating a family heirloom with the kids to be enjoyed for decades to come. Browse our website to find out about the toboggans and NTCo gear we offer.


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